Chow Mein

Ingredients Two chicken breasts, diced Two stalks celery, sliced One onion, minced Two cloves garlic, minced Two tbl oyster sauce Three tbl soy sauce Two tbl cornstarch One cup chicken stock Saute the vegetables in oil until onions are clear, remove from pan and set aside. Cook chicken until nearly […] Read more

Duvek Rice

This is a Yugoslavian dish that I am trying to recreate. One onion, minced Half of a red or green pepper, minced One cup uncooked rice Two cups beef or chicken stock Two knobs of butter Two tbl. of tomato paste A dash of cayenne pepper One half tsp. of […] Read more

There is No Cure

It scares me to watch a woman hobble along the sidewalk, hunched adagio leaning on — there’s so much fear I could draw you a diagram of the great reduction all of us will soon be way-back-when. The wedding is over. Summer is over. Life please explain. This book is nearly […] Read more

Dealing With Dogs

If you are a runner, hiker, or biker you will encounter dogs along the way. With a better understanding of dogs and some tactics to deal with them you can finish your workout safely. Dogs are territorial. If someone approaches their yard they will bark and growl by instinct. It’s […] Read more